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Protect your natural stone with our PROADVANCED™ Protection Program !

Protect your natural stone with our PROADVANCED™ Protection Program !

July 15, 2010

Insure the beauty of your natural stone for years to come with the KeysGranite-Daltile PROADVANCED™ Protection Program.

KeysGranite - Daltile has partnered with Dupont, the leader in stain protection technology, to create the PROADVANCED™ Protection Program.

 Proadvanced Industry Experts - Daltile, Microban, Du Pont
The PROADVANCED™ sealer offers your natural stone countertop an invisible layer of powerful protection.
  • Repels common household stain hazards, including coffee, red wine, mustard, ketchup, cooking oil, and soy sauce.
  • Incorporates a Microban®antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria  on your countertops. Microban® keeps your countertop sealer cleaner between cleanings and makes cleaning easier.
  • PROADVANCED™ was independently lab-tested, and is believed to be the highest performing product of its kind.
  • Created specifically to preserve the beauty of natural stone.
  • Engineered by DuPont, a pioneer in stain protection.
In addition to protecting your countertop against stains, the PROADVANCED™ sealer is a water-based solution to help keep your environment free of harmful solvent-based chemicals.
The PROADVANCED™ Protection Program includes one of the industry’s best warranties.
  • 15- year, fully transferable residential warranty
  • Covers replacement labor and materials
  • Guarantees stain protection from coffee, red wine, ketchup, mustard, and cooking oils
  • NOW covers ALL granite, marble, quartzite and basaltina volcanic basalt stone countertops !
  • 8-year commercial and industrial warranty
  • 1-year outdoor warranty on select granite options
  • Warranty includes substantial discount on the purchase of all professional-grade stone care products from Dupont.
       PROADVANCED Protection Warranty               PROADVANCED Protection Program Kit
PROADVANCED™ Protection Sealer Kit includes the following: the PROADVANCED™ Sealer, DuPont Stonetech Polish for professional grade touch-up shine for natural stone and DuPont Stonetech Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector for everyday cleaning.
All PROADVANCED™ sealer installers are Certified PROADVANCED™ Professionals.
The PROADVANCED™ Protection Program is available only through KeysGranite – Daltile.
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**Attention all Certified PROADVANCED™ Professional installers!**
The PROADVANCED™ Protection Program warranty will not only cover ALL colors of marble, granite, quartzite and basaltina - volcanic basalt stone contertop material, but now ANY contertop stone purchased from any other DISTRIBUTER.
Just refer to your PROADVANCED™ color chart or contact Protect Plus for proper amount of coats required.