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Installation & Maintenance

The Look You Want

As with any natural stone, the color, pattern, veining and shading of granite will vary from tile to tile - sometimes even within a single tile. These variations are completely natural and help to create an overall appearance that is truly unique.

What this means in practical terms is that granite tiles are not boxed with any overall "look" in mind. Only when you open the boxes and place the tiles on the project surface will you get an overall impression of the appearance. You may find you'll need to rearrange the tiles until you achieve a layout and appearance you like.

Certain granites contain iridescent quartz crystals that reflect light and seem to shimmer and sparkle. As you arrange the tiles, view them from different directions in relation to the available light in the project area, so that they are installed facing the direction that maximizes the shimmering effect.

Preparing The Surface

Stone floors in particular require careful preparation to ensure maximum strength and performance. The strength of a stone floor is directly related to the bed or substrate upon which you set the tiles. Make sure the substrate is clean, level and free of visible cracks. If cracks are visible on the substrate, cover them with an anti-crack membrane, extending at least one foot beyond the crack in all directions.

Setting the Tiles

Your tile dealer will recommend adhesives for use on floor and countertop applications. For floors, set granite tiles on a solid mortar bed, and do not use a notch trowel to apply adhesive. Apply an adequate coat of adhesive evenly to the back of each tile, paying special attention to the corners. Irregular application of adhesive will result in an uneven surface vulnerable to cracking and breaking.

Care & Maintenance

After installing the tiles, apply a sealer to the stone surface, following the manufacturer's instructions. For lasting beauty and elegance, always protect finished surfaces (especially floors) against dirt, sand or any abrasive substance that might scratch the finish. Damp mop floors with clean water or a pH neutral stone cleaner. Never use acids or chemical cleaners on polished surfaces. For stubborn stains, use one of the special stone-cleaning products available.